Quotes and Sayings about Quotes and Sayings about Architecture

There will never be great architects or great architecture without great patrons.

Edwin Lutyens

The architecture of our future is not only unfinished the scaffolding has hardly gone up.

George Lamming

I see architecture not as Gropius did, as a moral venture, as truth, but as invention, in the same way that poetry or music or painting is invention.

Michael Graves

Any work of architecture that has with it some discussion, some polemic, I think is good. It shows that people are interested, people are involved.

Richard Meier

The dialogue of architecture has been centered too long around the idea of truth.

Michael Graves

The rules of navigation never navigated a ship. The rules of architecture never built a house.

Thomas Reid

Each new situation requires a new architecture.

Jean Nouvel

I like things that are kind of eclectic, when one thing doesn't go with another. That's why I love Rome. The town itself is that way. It's where Fascist architecture meets classic Renaissance, where the ancient bangs up against the contemporary. It has a touch of everything. That's my style, and that's what my work is about.

Giambattista Valli

I like to play with architecture! It's my favorite game.

Jean Nouvel

I feel however, that we architects have a special duty and mission... (to contribute) to the socio-cultural development of architecture and urban planning.

Kenzo Tange

I think architecture has to be a gift.

Jean Nouvel

There is a powerful need for symbolism, and that means the architecture must have something that appeals to the human heart. There is a powerful need for symbolism, and that means the architecture must have something that appeals to the human heart.

Kenzo Tange

What is being called the UN 'gender architecture' is more like a shack. Women need a bigger global house if equality is ever to become a reality.

Charlotte Bunch

Technological considerations are of great importance to architecture and cities in the informational society.

Kenzo Tange

Architecture is politics.

Mitchell Kapor

Opera, next to Gothic architecture, is one of the strangest inventions of Western man. It could not have been foreseen by any logical process.

Kenneth Clark

What has happened to architecture since the second world war that the only passers-by who can contemplate it without pain are those equipped with a white stick and a dog?

Bernard Levin

I don't believe in morality in architecture.

Michael Graves

Architecture aims at Eternity.

Christopher Wren

I have no requirements for a style of architecture.

Michael Graves

Revived in this country the long forgotten beauties of Gothic architecture.

James Wyatt

What's fascinating about D.C., the exteriors are these elaborate structures, this gorgeous architecture and beautiful stonework, and then you go inside and it's crap-looking - apart from the White House, which is beautiful.

Tony Hale

After World War II great strides were made in modern Japanese architecture, not only in advanced technology, allowing earthquake resistant tall buildings, but expressing and infusing characteristics of traditional Japanese architecture in modern buildings.

Harry Seidler

I acquired an admiration for Japanese culture, art, and architecture, and learned of the existence of the game of GO, which I still play.

Philip Warren Anderson

The job of buildings is to improve human relations: architecture must ease them, not make them worse.

Ralph Erskine