Quotes and Sayings about Quotes and Sayings about Happiness

On a soap, happiness never lasts for very long!

Chandler Massey

Life is full of happiness and tears be strong and have faith.

Kareena Kapoor

I can only point out a curious fact. Year after year the Nobel Awards bring a moment of happiness not only to the recipients, not only to colleagues and friends of the recipients, but even to strangers.

Alfred Day Hershey

The principles we live by, in business and in social life, are the most important part of happiness.

Harry Harrison

A good education is another name for happiness.

Ann Plato

It was a joy to be a part of the team that created Round The Horne. I was involved with the show at a time of my life when I was very happy., and that happiness overflowed into the scripts.

Barry Took

That action is best which procures the greatest happiness for the greatest numbers.

Francis Hutcheson

It is in his knowledge that man has found his greatness and his happiness, the high superiority which he holds over the other animals who inhabit the earth with him, and consequently no ignorance is probably without loss to him, no error without evil.

James Smithson

Purring would seem to be, in her case, an automatic safety valve device for dealing with happiness overflow.

Monica Edwards

The unproductive tillage of human cattle takes that which of right belongs to free labor, and which is necessary for the support and happiness of our own race.

David Wilmot

There is only one real happiness in life, and that is the happiness of creating.

Frederick Delius

What is the worth of anything, But for the happiness 'twill bring?

Richard Owen Cambridge

In Hollywood, if you don't have happiness, you send out for it.

Rex Reed

The gods conceal from men the happiness of death, that they may endure life.


Although Freud said happiness is composed of love and work, reality often forces us to choose love or work.

Letty Cottin Pogrebin

Money cannot buy happiness.

Annni-Frid Lyngstad

Your destiny is my destiny. Your happiness is my happiness.

Islom Karimov

The Bourbon King was first ambassador of reason and human happiness.

Heinrich Mann

There is nothing can pay one for that invaluable ignorance which is the companion of youth, those sanguine groundless hopes, and that lively vanity which makes all the happiness of life.

Mary Wortley

Happiness comes from... some curious adjustment to life.

Hugh Walpole

A face is too slight a foundation for happiness.

Mary Wortley

We are selling dreams. We are merchants of happiness.

Bernard Loiseau

Lots of people I know have bootlegged tapes of performances and if they play it I will be transported back sometimes with happiness, sometimes with horror.

Chris Bailey

Too much good fortune can make you smug and unaware. Happiness should be like an oasis, the greener for the desert that surrounds it.

Rachel Field

Happiness is realizing that nothing is too important.

Antonio Gala